Sunday, 15 May 2011

Who say's US Aircraft Engineers cant make good husbands ? ♥ ♥

Engineers are the BEST boyfriends
ALL these ARE facts .. so.. here goes..

Advantage 1: Secure lifestyle.
An engineer boyfriend can provide you with a secure lifestyle. At 27 years old, an engineer probably has a respectable, stable job that gives him a high income to own a car, invest, have a comfortable life, and get married and buy a house too.
Law graduates are still working as a lowly apprentice in a law firm, most management graduates have just failed on their first business plan, the arts graduate is still looking for a job, and the medical school graduate is still living in a hospital. ''-

Advantage 2: Unmatchable industriousness.
An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his time and effort to understand you. Engineers strain really really hard to understand their work. You can believe that they will try really really hard to understand women too, just like how they understand their work, once they believe that you are the one. So even if they don't understand you initially, they will keep on trying. Even if they still do not understand, they will figure out the correct method to keep you happy (e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week's worth of happiness=dh/dt.) And once they find out the secret formula, they will just keep on repeating it so that the desired results appear.
Unlike the Lawyer who will argue with you, the Management graduate who will try to control your spending, the Arts graduate who will 'change major', and the medical school graduate who will operate on you. And you know what, it's really so easy to make engineers believe that you are the 'one'. Say that you like one of their projects and they will be hooked to you forever.-

Advantage 3: An engineer boyfriend will never betray your trust.
Let me first tell you what is wrong with the rest of the others - the lawyers will lie about everything, management graduates will cheat your money, the arts graduate will flirt, and you probably just look like another cadaver to the medical school graduate.
Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair, and even if he does, he is too dumb to lie to you about that.


Hence, an engineer is the most secure boyfriend that you will ever find - rich enough, will keep on trying to understand and please you, has no time for affairs, and too dumb to lie to you. So girls, why procrastinate? Get an engineer as your boyfriend!

Credits to Saarah Mariee For letting me share this ! <3 <3

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Truth you boy's should know "Revealed"

In my morning habits reading my email is somewhere in the top of the list. Nothing unusual until here, no? Of course not, instead of avoiding every source that can ruin our day, we’re so masochists that we just love to read bad news since we drink our morning coffee. I’ve subscribed to some newsletters from women’s magazines, don’t ask me why, I just did it and I can’t answer to this, and… this morning they wanted to enlighten me about one thing: “secrets about women that men don’t know”.
I find sharing of this information among women a complete waste of time, so let’s go to the part where my misogynistic ego is instantly upgraded and transformed into what they can call “The Mind Sperminator of Stupid Women”. Yeah, now, thanks to that article, I am in a new and way better form of misogynist. I will stop resuming myself to look at a stupid woman with sickness, and I will try to show her exactly what her position is for me: a boobs bearing girl and nothing more, good only for meaningless sex. No smartness inside, no feelings, no attitude.
But I can bet you’re already curious what was in that article that made me write this one, no? Let’s see.

1. Only 30% of women reach orgasm on every sexual act

What conclusion can be drawn from here? That 70% of women don’t even know how to or don’t even struggle to get there. No? They have sex just to be done and while they’re doing it they’re thinking if they look fat, if their hair is ok, if they shout too loud or if they don’t shout at all, what they have to do tomorrow, what’s in the fridge and all other shits that can pass trough a woman’s brain. Nothing about what is really happening there, because if they had done this they probably knew that the only purpose of having sex is to get to an orgasm, not to think of the shopping list for the next day. Next…

2. 50% of women have simulated orgasm at least once in life

I don’t want to ruin your self image but I can tell you for sure that at least half of your sex partners have lied you. Don’t worry yet, it isn’t your fault. You had your orgasm, you’ve done your part. They are just too stupid to understand why they are there. Women want to be equal with men but half of them are reducing themselves to a man’s pleasure achievement tool. Statistics don’t lie.

3. 3% of women sneeze at the thought of sexual fantasies

This is too funny to be true. And when you think that… the other 97% apparently get all wet when they think about it it’s even better. The 3% don’t know what they’re missing, eh? Too bad that when they are truly able to accomplish their fantasies, they’re missing that part. This is the cruel truth: some of them get to the pleasure while some will just settle for a sneeze.

4. Older women appreciate sex more than younger ones

Well at how rare it is at that age, no wonder. And dad’s soldiers have a limited term of use, no? But this is the main reason why we love MILFs. If she’s hot and pretty desperate, she’s gonna do it with whoever has the guts to ask her properly. And she’ll teach him a lesson too. Or more. We all have our half-fuck-mate out there, somewhere.

5. 80% of women are sure that all men cheat

Do you realize that, in the entire world, there are still 20% naive women?! No problem for us, the best enemy is the one that you don’t know of.

6. Fat women have less sex

And because their sexual energy isn’t released, they eat even more. And they get even fatter, so the chances of having sex are less day by day. Dammit, it’s a vicious circle. We will soon be eaten by enormous women. Save the mankind and go fast and have sex with the first fat woman you will see. Together we can make it!

7. 80% of women gain weight after their wedding

So… take a better look at her now because you won’t see it like this again after. Or just, don’t get married. This also shows why there are 40% mistresses in the world.

8. Very few women want to implement their sexual fantasies

Well, who would want sex with a Latin guy on a Spanish beach, while troubadours are singing in the background? I mean, a little privacy, please… And if they will really manage to do this, they probably won’t enjoy the moment since they aren’t capable of it. They’ll just think that the troubadours would look better in pink suits and that Latin guy could be a celebrity or maybe it should have been an Italian beach and so on. Who cares? Most women are too shy to share their fantasies, and they’re even more scared of implementing those fantasies in life.

9. Women are able to have sex out of pity or revenge

“I don’t have nickels to give you but take some sex.” Yes, especially the revenge sex gotta be a good one. “You mother f#$@%g pig! Take this to see if you’ll be able to comment again!!” Revenge sex is great.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Toughest Night , But i was not ALONE !

I was having some really tough problems last night .
Never felt more rejected and disrespected before in my whole life .
The problems i was going though in my mind , was unremarkable ,
i was so depressed , hurt and tempted to do stupid things to myself .
But i had you . guess who ?

" Ayumi Goh "

She is a true friend , she was there supporting me , helping me when i was in pain , 
Yes yes i wont lie ,  i was crying . Why you ask? 
well that's another story that i do not want to share .
you know whats amazing about her ? she called me , calm me down . 
then all of a sudden ? cried with me .
I dont know why , but i felt the connection there , It was hard for me .
i think yesterday was the hardest day of my life .
Not only was i BROKE! i had no money on me , Not even enough money to go back to University 
but on top of that , i was lonely , feel lifeless , alone and depressed .
when Ayumi called me , she made my day , she cheer me up , even 
called her friend to help pick me up ! she was so worried about me .
so i decided she should have a place in my blog , you deserve this love .
All the best to you ! your father !  :B


Truly old school :
StupidRomeo / Syed Abdullah

Monday, 28 March 2011

Ending or a new chapter ?

I dont want to talk much about what happen yesterday , 
it was the worst thing that happen .
I think . 
that's basically it.

Truly yours .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

Sunday, 27 March 2011

What i deserve ?

What i deserve is nothing more then a loving family , which i already have . Dad's great, mum's just awsem . Brother is wicked cool and sister is nice .Though they are things in life that we all crave for in the future one hence when the day is destined to come . So i figured why not say it ? Right ? Dont really care what you think ? cause for all i care , this is my blog . And i can write what ever i wish .

1. I think i deserve someone who love's me . i might have made alot of silly mistake's before , but i know ive changed myself , I want someone who love's me , and is willing to spend the rest of their life with me as my wife .
Not as a typical girlfriend or Scandal . Those are all in the past .
2. Someone who loves traveling as much as i do , Someone who wants to see the world with me , holding my hand along the way . How amazing would that be ? To be traveling with the one person you love ?

3. Someone who love's cooking and enjoy food like i do , I eat ALOT . Be warned im a monster of food . no food is not good for me  :P

4 . Someone who is not embarrassed to hold my hand / kiss me in public . I love those type of women . They are not embarrassed to tell the world they are with me . 

5 . Someone who love's children , see i love kids . Always have and i want to have babies of my own someday , doesn't matter if they are adopted or from one's womb . As long as they are cute . Im all good .

6 . someone that does not have a perfect past life , i dont want someone with a perfect past life because its just going to make the relationship boring and dull . Besides i was a bad person myself . So it would be fair to find someone as the same level as i am ?

7 . Someone who love's cat's ! be warned ! I lovee cat's . i would push my future wife aside and let my cat cuddle up in the bed beside me , Cats are just amazingly cute . Im going to get myself one .

8 . Last but not least , someone who would take a leap of faith , for me , as i am willing to die for them . if you qualify as the above to give me a buzz . haha . Joke Joke !  :B

Truly himself .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ending of once a Beautiful Love story .

Baik lah kalau itu jawaban kamuh..
Aku terima semua ini dengan lapang dada,
Dan aku cukup puas ,karena telah mengutarakan isi hatiku..
Tetapi, ingat lah satu hal..
Ketika suatu hari nanti ,dimana kamuh sudah tidak ada tempat untuk melindungi hati muh lagi,datang lah pada ku kapan aja kamuh mau..
hati ku selalu terbuka untuk kamuh dan akan selalu terbuka buat muh wahai wanita ku
karena aku yakin , suatu saat nanti kau pasti mengerti mana yang lebih baik dan mana yg lebih buruk, mungkin bukan sekarang ,tetapi aku yakin hari itu akan datang ,dan aku tidak akan lelah buat membukakan pintu hati kuh untuk muh 

Truly Ended .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

Everything is Not right towards You .

Everything  i seem to do .
Everything i seem to say .
Is never right .
Even when i have to faithfully drop myself .
on my knee's .
to take the blame .
Still i am not right .
I was right .
Your not who were a long time ago .
The person i know .
Exist not .
Only in dreams .

What happen to you .
What happen to Destiny ?

Truly Your's .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

Help me , Help you .

Guys , Girls , Friends and Family .

today im going to be humble and talk about something that has been playing my mind .
Yes yes , though i promiced i wont talk about her . Some part of me needs to say this out .
Some part of me knows that i have to try and fix this .
Some part of me still thinks the old "ara" is lost in the darkest path .
What im going to talk about is .
Past .

Guy's I relised something .
I made the biggest mistake i ever made .
Although truth be told .
Although blame was what i had to over come and take .
But i took away the happiness in someone's eye's .

Today i gain the biggest advice i could EVER get from anyone .
no it wasn't from my dad , no it wasnt from my mum . 
but a total stranger i just meet today .
What we talk about really touched and moved me .
He made me relise that what i did was wrong .
How you ask did he manage to do that ?

Our conversation started , while he said something that made me feel like a dick all of a sudden .
What he said was .
"you love her rite? Then if you love her . Its unfair for you to tell about her past . She's really young "
(though i didnt tell him what it was)
He said ..
"bayangkan satu hari , kamu dijodohkan dengan dia ? dan bayang kan kawan2 kamu kata sama kamu
Eh itu wanita yang lakukan  " Dot Dot Dot "
dan kamu ingin kawin sama dia ? "

Im not sure if what i said even makes any sense, but what he was trying to say was . If my gods will.
i was married with her , i would take the hit .
cause people would say , the women im inlove / married with is doing " bla bla bla "
so i relised , that im also affecting myself by doing this .

So what i decided to do is . 
Let myself take the blame .
Cause god knows how much a 16 year old girl is struggling in her life rite now .

My friend also said this to me , which shook the shivers out my spine's 
"Tidak semua masalah harus di selesaikan dengan jujur ,terkadang keadaan memaksa untuk berbohong
Kamuh melakukan itu pasti ada alasan nya ..

And he was right . So i decided im going to do this ,  i may not get the girl i love , and she may not even relise im doing this . But im proud to be saying this .

 Guy's Im a liar . 
She's a good girl .
Please don't trust me .
She deserves all the love and care from all of you .
She is so young , so fragile .
I probably hallucinate everything just to get over my fear of life .
What she does not have ,
is a loving family , a loving father .
I have all those , and i denied the fact about that .
What she does , is up to her . 
I quote 
"tekanan ekonomi seperti menanggung ekonomi orang tua, bayar uang sekolah adik"
I feel so bad for what i have done , 
although i know my life and trust in everyone will probly go down the drain with this 
that  have wrote , 
ill still be happy . 
because to my eye's i did what was right .
I saved a girl who is struggling to take a breather .
Now guy's , Girl's whatever i said before . 
I hope you all will forget , 
who ever i have insulted in life , 
i am sorry , 
who ever i have hurt in life .
i am sorry .
mainly to you .
I hope this will help you regain your honor .
To everyone who i have shared this blog , by mail or even though reading this .
Share it, 
Share it to the world, 
copy it to your blog , copy it to your note's .
Let the world know that this particular person DESERVES 
to live her life .

Whom am i talking about ?
Ara / Summer Dcruz / Siti Faiza

" life is made out of choice's , And this is my choice "

Truly your's .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

Past to Future .

Hai Sayank .
Ketika suatu saat aku 
mendapat kan pekerjaan 
yang baik ,

Maukah kamuh berubah
segala tingkah laku kamuh
menjadi lebih baik dari
sekarang ?

Kamuh tidak perlu 
penjelasan ,
apa itu menjadi lebih baik
karena kamuh tau apa yang 
aku ingin kan dari dulu lagi .

Ingat lah satu hal .
apa pun yang aku lakukan 
itu semua buat kebaikkan 
kamuh walaupun keburukan bagi 
kita .

Kerana aku sayank kamuh .

Truly your's .
Stupid Juliet / Syed Abdullah

This song Means Everything to me .



Avenged Sevenfold
So Far Away lyrics

Never feared for anything.
Never shamed but never free.
A light that healed a broken heart with all that it could

Lived a life so endlessly.
Saw beyond what others see.
I tried to heal your broken heart with all that I could

Will you stay?
Will you stay away forever?

How do I live without the ones I love?
Time still turns the pages of the book it's burned.
Place and time always on my mind.
I have so much to say but you're so far away.

Plans of what our futures hold
Foolish lies of growin' old
It seems we're so invincible, the truth is so cold.

A final song, a last request
A perfect chapter laid to rest
Now and then I try to find a place in my mind

Where you can say,
You can stay awake forever.
[ Lyrics from: ]
How do I live without the ones I love?
Time still turns the pages of the book it's burned.
Place and time always on my mind.
I have so much to say but you're so far away.

Sleep tight, I'm not afraid.
The ones that we love are here with me.
Lay away a place for me
'Cause as soon as I'm done, I'll be on my way
To live on eternally.

How do I live without the ones I love?
Time still turns the pages of the book it's burned
Place and time always on my mind
And the light you left remains but it's so hard to stay
When I had so much to say and you're so far away.

I love you
You were ready
The pain is strong and urges rise
But I'll see you
When it lets me
Your pain is gone, your hands untied.

So far away.

I need you to know

So far away
And I need you to,
Need you to know...

if your reading this . Then you would understand everything .

Truly your's .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

Today's Activities ?

Today i when out with a friend of my father's from Indonesia he's name is Syed Fannda . Cool guy he is , we when to city Square to watch 

" The Eagle "
Pretty kick ass movie i must say ,though if you dont understand the story line then it would be pretty boring , at first the story was abit confusing , but after a while watching it , im sure you would understand it the way i do. Its about friendship, slavery and Honor . Bla bla bla i give it a 6.5/10 . You should watch it id say .

After the movie we when to Danga Bay , Boring ! when to take photo's but we were bored by the fact that Danga Bay was filled with couple's and we were both guys so it was pretty awkward , owh well who care's right ? Well thats pretty much my day today .

Truly your's 
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

No Place like Home .

                    Since ive been at home the whole day , i taught why don't i take some photo's of my house and share it in my blog , There's no place like home and i love it . Comfy , cold and elegant . My parents did a good job with it , though i must say i don't really like all the carpets cause with allot of carpets , would end up with allot of vacuuming , either way enjoy the photo's and do come to my house if your anywhere in JB ! Cheer's !

This is the front part of my house , Neat and cozy .
 Front part of my house aswel but from the outside view .

 A closer view of the main door .

 Front sliding door .

 This is the front garden , i colour'd those flamingo's by the way  :B

 Front view of the house but from the west side . That's the Tuition room.

 This is a closer view of the 3rd sliding door outside .

 Inside the house , where the guest hang out , (arab couch)

 beside the Guest room , another guest room .

 north view of the arab couch room .

 This is where me and my family have out dinner together .

 This is the maid's room , also guest crash here at time's .

 Maid's room TV , even maid have their entertainment lol .

 Maid rooms toilet .

 Dry kitchen , East View

  Dry kitchen West view .

 Wet Kitchen , north view

 Wet kitchen East view .

 Laundry room , and those hamster houses lol :P

 Laundry room , back gate view .

 Wet kitchen toilet .

 Tuition room / Study room

 Tuition room West view , garden view .

 Stair's heading upstairs .

 Stairs heading upstairs 2 .

 Stairs heading up , looking downwards .

 guest room again , but upstairs .

 view from guest room upstairs . Thats my sister room , private .

 My room ! Messy i know :P

 My baby :P

 Boys room toilet .

 My cozyyyy bed ! yea i dont make my own bed , who care's :D

 Entertainment room .

 View from entertainment room .

View from entertainment room looking outside .

If your wondering , master bed room for my parents are private , and sister room is private aswel . That's pretty much it . Home sweet home ! Jemput Jemput !

Truly your's 
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah