Saturday, 26 March 2011

Help me , Help you .

Guys , Girls , Friends and Family .

today im going to be humble and talk about something that has been playing my mind .
Yes yes , though i promiced i wont talk about her . Some part of me needs to say this out .
Some part of me knows that i have to try and fix this .
Some part of me still thinks the old "ara" is lost in the darkest path .
What im going to talk about is .
Past .

Guy's I relised something .
I made the biggest mistake i ever made .
Although truth be told .
Although blame was what i had to over come and take .
But i took away the happiness in someone's eye's .

Today i gain the biggest advice i could EVER get from anyone .
no it wasn't from my dad , no it wasnt from my mum . 
but a total stranger i just meet today .
What we talk about really touched and moved me .
He made me relise that what i did was wrong .
How you ask did he manage to do that ?

Our conversation started , while he said something that made me feel like a dick all of a sudden .
What he said was .
"you love her rite? Then if you love her . Its unfair for you to tell about her past . She's really young "
(though i didnt tell him what it was)
He said ..
"bayangkan satu hari , kamu dijodohkan dengan dia ? dan bayang kan kawan2 kamu kata sama kamu
Eh itu wanita yang lakukan  " Dot Dot Dot "
dan kamu ingin kawin sama dia ? "

Im not sure if what i said even makes any sense, but what he was trying to say was . If my gods will.
i was married with her , i would take the hit .
cause people would say , the women im inlove / married with is doing " bla bla bla "
so i relised , that im also affecting myself by doing this .

So what i decided to do is . 
Let myself take the blame .
Cause god knows how much a 16 year old girl is struggling in her life rite now .

My friend also said this to me , which shook the shivers out my spine's 
"Tidak semua masalah harus di selesaikan dengan jujur ,terkadang keadaan memaksa untuk berbohong
Kamuh melakukan itu pasti ada alasan nya ..

And he was right . So i decided im going to do this ,  i may not get the girl i love , and she may not even relise im doing this . But im proud to be saying this .

 Guy's Im a liar . 
She's a good girl .
Please don't trust me .
She deserves all the love and care from all of you .
She is so young , so fragile .
I probably hallucinate everything just to get over my fear of life .
What she does not have ,
is a loving family , a loving father .
I have all those , and i denied the fact about that .
What she does , is up to her . 
I quote 
"tekanan ekonomi seperti menanggung ekonomi orang tua, bayar uang sekolah adik"
I feel so bad for what i have done , 
although i know my life and trust in everyone will probly go down the drain with this 
that  have wrote , 
ill still be happy . 
because to my eye's i did what was right .
I saved a girl who is struggling to take a breather .
Now guy's , Girl's whatever i said before . 
I hope you all will forget , 
who ever i have insulted in life , 
i am sorry , 
who ever i have hurt in life .
i am sorry .
mainly to you .
I hope this will help you regain your honor .
To everyone who i have shared this blog , by mail or even though reading this .
Share it, 
Share it to the world, 
copy it to your blog , copy it to your note's .
Let the world know that this particular person DESERVES 
to live her life .

Whom am i talking about ?
Ara / Summer Dcruz / Siti Faiza

" life is made out of choice's , And this is my choice "

Truly your's .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

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