Saturday, 26 March 2011

No Place like Home .

                    Since ive been at home the whole day , i taught why don't i take some photo's of my house and share it in my blog , There's no place like home and i love it . Comfy , cold and elegant . My parents did a good job with it , though i must say i don't really like all the carpets cause with allot of carpets , would end up with allot of vacuuming , either way enjoy the photo's and do come to my house if your anywhere in JB ! Cheer's !

This is the front part of my house , Neat and cozy .
 Front part of my house aswel but from the outside view .

 A closer view of the main door .

 Front sliding door .

 This is the front garden , i colour'd those flamingo's by the way  :B

 Front view of the house but from the west side . That's the Tuition room.

 This is a closer view of the 3rd sliding door outside .

 Inside the house , where the guest hang out , (arab couch)

 beside the Guest room , another guest room .

 north view of the arab couch room .

 This is where me and my family have out dinner together .

 This is the maid's room , also guest crash here at time's .

 Maid's room TV , even maid have their entertainment lol .

 Maid rooms toilet .

 Dry kitchen , East View

  Dry kitchen West view .

 Wet Kitchen , north view

 Wet kitchen East view .

 Laundry room , and those hamster houses lol :P

 Laundry room , back gate view .

 Wet kitchen toilet .

 Tuition room / Study room

 Tuition room West view , garden view .

 Stair's heading upstairs .

 Stairs heading upstairs 2 .

 Stairs heading up , looking downwards .

 guest room again , but upstairs .

 view from guest room upstairs . Thats my sister room , private .

 My room ! Messy i know :P

 My baby :P

 Boys room toilet .

 My cozyyyy bed ! yea i dont make my own bed , who care's :D

 Entertainment room .

 View from entertainment room .

View from entertainment room looking outside .

If your wondering , master bed room for my parents are private , and sister room is private aswel . That's pretty much it . Home sweet home ! Jemput Jemput !

Truly your's 
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah


  1. Kalau mcm tu I pun nak jadi your maid lah MIAHAHAHAHAAH *kidding*