Sunday, 27 March 2011

What i deserve ?

What i deserve is nothing more then a loving family , which i already have . Dad's great, mum's just awsem . Brother is wicked cool and sister is nice .Though they are things in life that we all crave for in the future one hence when the day is destined to come . So i figured why not say it ? Right ? Dont really care what you think ? cause for all i care , this is my blog . And i can write what ever i wish .

1. I think i deserve someone who love's me . i might have made alot of silly mistake's before , but i know ive changed myself , I want someone who love's me , and is willing to spend the rest of their life with me as my wife .
Not as a typical girlfriend or Scandal . Those are all in the past .
2. Someone who loves traveling as much as i do , Someone who wants to see the world with me , holding my hand along the way . How amazing would that be ? To be traveling with the one person you love ?

3. Someone who love's cooking and enjoy food like i do , I eat ALOT . Be warned im a monster of food . no food is not good for me  :P

4 . Someone who is not embarrassed to hold my hand / kiss me in public . I love those type of women . They are not embarrassed to tell the world they are with me . 

5 . Someone who love's children , see i love kids . Always have and i want to have babies of my own someday , doesn't matter if they are adopted or from one's womb . As long as they are cute . Im all good .

6 . someone that does not have a perfect past life , i dont want someone with a perfect past life because its just going to make the relationship boring and dull . Besides i was a bad person myself . So it would be fair to find someone as the same level as i am ?

7 . Someone who love's cat's ! be warned ! I lovee cat's . i would push my future wife aside and let my cat cuddle up in the bed beside me , Cats are just amazingly cute . Im going to get myself one .

8 . Last but not least , someone who would take a leap of faith , for me , as i am willing to die for them . if you qualify as the above to give me a buzz . haha . Joke Joke !  :B

Truly himself .
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah


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