Saturday, 26 March 2011

Today's Activities ?

Today i when out with a friend of my father's from Indonesia he's name is Syed Fannda . Cool guy he is , we when to city Square to watch 

" The Eagle "
Pretty kick ass movie i must say ,though if you dont understand the story line then it would be pretty boring , at first the story was abit confusing , but after a while watching it , im sure you would understand it the way i do. Its about friendship, slavery and Honor . Bla bla bla i give it a 6.5/10 . You should watch it id say .

After the movie we when to Danga Bay , Boring ! when to take photo's but we were bored by the fact that Danga Bay was filled with couple's and we were both guys so it was pretty awkward , owh well who care's right ? Well thats pretty much my day today .

Truly your's 
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

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