Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Toughest Night , But i was not ALONE !

I was having some really tough problems last night .
Never felt more rejected and disrespected before in my whole life .
The problems i was going though in my mind , was unremarkable ,
i was so depressed , hurt and tempted to do stupid things to myself .
But i had you . guess who ?

" Ayumi Goh "

She is a true friend , she was there supporting me , helping me when i was in pain , 
Yes yes i wont lie ,  i was crying . Why you ask? 
well that's another story that i do not want to share .
you know whats amazing about her ? she called me , calm me down . 
then all of a sudden ? cried with me .
I dont know why , but i felt the connection there , It was hard for me .
i think yesterday was the hardest day of my life .
Not only was i BROKE! i had no money on me , Not even enough money to go back to University 
but on top of that , i was lonely , feel lifeless , alone and depressed .
when Ayumi called me , she made my day , she cheer me up , even 
called her friend to help pick me up ! she was so worried about me .
so i decided she should have a place in my blog , you deserve this love .
All the best to you ! your father !  :B


Truly old school :
StupidRomeo / Syed Abdullah


  1. omaigoddd . :')
    speechless . ilove u dady .