Friday, 25 March 2011

A day with my father .

                              Today i had a wicked day with my man , abuyah . Im telling you it was weird in a way , He came back home from work , he looked tired as always , i pitty him , my father works so hard for this family . Its hard to not love him any lesser .  He's definitely my hero NO DOUBT so so so im so excited to share with you what we did today , I was being lifeless as always in my room , bored to death and pretty much clueless about how i was going to spend my day today ,at first i taught of calling Afif to take a bus and come down to JB to crash at my house for a week, but that was a total failure , since i tried to call him a few times and he didn't answer . Im sure he's doing ok though . Soo , being bored at home i suddenly relised i had a message ! It was ara , she said she was bored ! yippie ! i was happy then , cause for once she needed to to excite her life , though it ended in 3 message's , dull . But no , im not here to talk about her . so a few hours later my dad came home . Said "My son ! want to go out ?" i saw him whisper something with my mum , then my mum just when in . And i said yea sure, nothing else to do anyways . Wore my skinny jeans cause i miss wearing those and since ara wasn't here , there was pretty much no point of me not wearing skinny jeans again . When i came down my mum was like , "Abdullah you really going to wear that ?" haha i laughed . then my dad walked by and he saw me and said "Ani biar lah dia , its teenager's trend these day's , my college is 32 and still wear skinny pants at work" my mum just [sigh] and walked away ! haha . Thats my daddy ! So we when in the alza car and headed out , first we when to his shop , Oh just to let you reader's know my dad has his own shop , im not sure why he even had his own shop at the first place , all i know is he rented it off to some random people , business i guess . We were there for a while so i took advantage by asking money for top up , another rm30 and some food, after he was done , We drove to Jusco Terbrau which was close by and he said i quote " My friend baught for us tickets to watch Sucker Punch , i giggle a while and said "abuyah i already watch that with my girlfriend la!" and he was like " Eit who's your girlfriend now? you boys keep on changing girlfriends its hard for me to keep track of you!" and i said "ara la" and he was like " i taught you guys broke up?" and i said "well we have, but...[silence]" and he just grin. Once we were at Jusco our relative Mama Eka , and his husband with someone , GULPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP .


                           hoho , her name is Sharifah Amal , we used to be friend a long time ago , she lives in Singapore , i think we first meet was on Raya Eve, we kinda lost contact since friendster was dead a long time ago , so back to my story , Then amal handed us the tickets, and Mama Eka was looking and me and was like , staring at me as if she wanted me to be a man in front of my relative here , lol it wasnt like i was scared or anything ,but me and amal go way back and we had alot of catching up to do , besides i used to have a crush on her , haha and for some reason i think my dad knows . I think my dad and Mama Eka purposely brought me here to see Amal . so back to my story , after she passed me the ticket i relised that she handed my dad nothing ! and i ask Daddy, "eit ? you all not going to watch movie ?" and he  just grin ! What the fuck i said clearly , amal obviously heard it ! lol . And he said Mama eka wanted to go buy some stuff at tesco and i left alone with her , GULPPP ! Something i did not plan at all, so we when in to watch the movie with me , I gasped abit since everyone was looking at me like i was some kind of monster walking around , then i just relised SHIT , im wearing skinny jeans ! lol FAIL , then i relised people were actually looking at her more , yea she was wearing this selendang like dress , i have no idea what's it called . which high hell's and all . I was actually impressed at the way she dressed up , though i do prefer if she wore a dress , show more skin and wasnt so skinny , LOL its weird really , im not really interested in skinny girls? probly explains why i like ara so much , ok back to my story . So we were handing the ticket to watch the movie when she took the ticket from my left arm and then she tried to grab my hands , AWKWARD ALEARTTT ! i pulled my hand back though , cause i just felt wrong [please dont ask me why] so so , we when in the cinema theennn i relised she got us couple seats, GREAT  +_+" . Not what i had in mind , then i told her , ahh i already watch this movie with my gf , and she was like "you have a gf?" and i was like " wait wait xgf " i didnt want to lie right ?  lol so she smiled and we when in , the couple seats here are pretty neat you know , its like they purposely put the couple seat so close and cramp up together so the dates that was going to use the seat could cuddle , worst still  there was only one place to put the drinks ! lol wierd couple seat . So we watch the movie , nothing fishy happen there thank god , After the movie we started walking and talking, shared alot of information and keep updated of our past and stories . Shes pretty amazing , shes a nurse in Singapore General Hospital and at the same time is trying to be a doctor, pretty cool i must say . Knowing a doctor haha . Good days dont last forever , so my we catch up with my dad and he said mama aka my mum cooked dinner for us at home , so we had to head back . So as always i "salam" Mama Eka and was about to shake amal's hand like normal friends do when the most AKWARDDDD thing happen !

She took my hand and kissed it !!

Like i was so damn old , i tried to pull my hand back but it was too late , i felt so embarrass that moment my face turn red and i started to sweat abit . My dad just laughed at me . and we when back . In the car my dad asked, so how was your "date" ?  i said " ABUYAH ! IT WASN'T A DATE LAH HESH! IM STILL WITH ARA INGAT?" he pretty much ignored what i said and laugh , i guess in a way he knew i was hurting . 
God oh god, why did you bring up my old friend now , Im inlove with someone now , deeply inlove , at the same time im not sure if this person i love even has feelings towards me anymore , i cant even see any signs of her feelings or love towards me , shes changed soo soo much ! Shes not the Ara i love a long time ago . She always talks about how much other guys like her / love her and it annoys me , she knows it does . Im not sure if she can even be the ara i know again . All i know is i love her , and i hope she relises it . Atleast i have someone to acompany messaging me now , calling me , im even considering paying for Skype so i can call her through Skype . 
Ara if your reading this .
tell me you love me so i know i have you .

yours truly 
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

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