Thursday, 24 March 2011

Forgiveness .


Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry for making you mad
Sorry for everything I said
Sorry for lying to you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry if I disappointed you
Sorry if I hurt you
Sorry for everything
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I liked you
Sorry that you did
Sorry for turning in to a which
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I loved you
Sorry that you didn’t
Sorry that we had to fight
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry for still loving you
Sorry you don’t love me
Sorry for ever loving you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

This part of the blog of mine , is to all those people i hurt . Especially you . yes you , no not you , i mean you , not you hiding behind that wall , no not you walking towards me , no stop looking at me , its not you , behind you ! Yes you . Well we all know who im mainly trying to say sorry too . Its you Siti Faiza a.k.a Summer a.k.a Ara ? Many names you have i must admit . Im not sure which sounds better but i prefer using ara . Its simple short and easy to say out . Might you be wondering who she is ? You seriously dont know her ? Then its obvious you have not been reading my blog at all . 

There you go , Thats her .

Alright back to what i was trying to talk about here , shush you , im trying to talk ! This particular girl , im telling you has the heart of a stone cold blacksmith just looking for trouble , in a way its actually adorable . Why ? Because she is able to take shit thrown at her like our prophet and for some reason be able to still put a smile on her face . No no she's not perfect to most , She gets angry fast , likes to bite people , pinch people till your whole arm would get blue and dull . This particular girl has been through so much , so i think she deserves the biggest apology . Now why am i saying sorry at the first place ? Did i do something wrong ? "Yes" did i offend her ? "Yes" . Once my dad and friend psst "mimie"  said to me that it doesn't matter if that person forgive's you , as long you do your part . Then your forgiven . Im not the most religious person if thats what you think . Im merely a normal person who is annoying . We all know hence when we look at our self , we relise how imperfect we are, and we try to adapt and better to others . This particular girl ive known her since she was 14 . She has put an effort into protecting her life , past and family, but i was immature to ruin everything , this i have to admit , Yesterday when i talked to her , she said something that made me want to write this specific article . She said 

" Your 22 , your so close to being successful and getting a job , you think they will look at you in a bad way although you have a bad past ? No ! but me im 16 , i have a long way to go , What you did is going to ruin my life "

Right that instant , i knew she was right . She she did some silly mistake's and yes i did some silly mistakes myself before , But Ive caused so much pain for her that day by day i see her smile blooming away . Yes she has her new bf "psst, i still think im better" but i know she's still sad and alone . I wish i could be there to help her , but im not sure if im even going to be able to get that chance again . The main reason of writing this particular article is not to tell what she did , or what i did . but its to say that Im sorry, Im sorry that i was immature enough to be telling about your past, though it is your past , and i think you have change "think" , you did not deserve to be hurt like that . I wish there was something i could do to take back what i said, but during that moment , i was a different person , i was angry , jealous and hated the fact that she was not with me , flirting with others etc. I know i wont be able to take away the pain , but ill try my best to cure you and the others around you . Guys , Girls and everyone who actually takes the time to read my blog , this is what i have to say ..

"Everyone makes mistake's , from mistake we learn to not repeat the same mistake we did , Please do not judge someone without knowing them inside out, i hate it when people judge me and im sure as hell know that she would hate it aswel , you dont know me , you dont know her , so just get along with your life and im sure everything would go just fine "

sometimes it seems alot better to put on a fake smile and act cool , but we all know that cant go on forever . It hurts . I wish one day you would read my blog and relise how sorry i am for all this . If one day i get the opportunity to be together with you again "Bless me" I wont let you down , i will never ever make the same mistake , you will be proud of me . This i promise you . 

yours truly 
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

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