Friday, 25 March 2011

I think im ready to move on ..

I think im ready .
Ive changed to be a better person .
Im not the same guy i was 3years ago .
I deserve someone who is going to love me back .
marry me .
Start a family with me .
I loved you .
But you wasted it .
You wasted me .
You wasted my effort .
I wanted you to be apart of my life .
I called you , 
You said im annoying .
I tried to calm you down .
But you threw me away .
Now your happy .
I think i deserve to be happy aswel .
I hope you know that you were my everything .
I hope you know .
Id die for you .

Ive changed .
Im not the same guy i was 3years ago .
All you saw in me was negativity .
All i see in you .
Is .
Gone .

Not the girl i know 2years ago .
Loving , caring , sweet and a familiar of myself  .
The women i know .
Is .
Gone .

I love you Stupid Juliet .
For that i let you go .
as you said to me before .
I should move on .
So i will .
I called you today .
to help you .

But then i relised something , i was actually helping myself .

Forever more 
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

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