Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pain of living a single day without You .

Hurts me inside out to see you lately, hurts me knowing that the person i hope to see with one day in the future is with someone else, hurts to see the person id be more then willing to give everything and share every single aspect of my life being with someone else . What happen to you , your heart so cold shelter under that blooming light . I wish you would just see that i am the man for you . I wish you would just see that after a Year months passed you have made me relies that the one person i need more is you . I know how rapid time goes, and i know how important studies is, respecting your decision as it goes on. But couldn't we do it together , couldn't we love each other while we stand a single ground sharing our love and faith . You changed me , as i have changed you . I would never leave you when you need me most , i relised that what i have done before , what we shared before . Made me complete again . Although i see you with other men, holding hands . I still hold strong , because they might own your lips , your eyes, your body but i know , that the heart has been touched my me , today tomorrow and forever more . I can never forget our sweet memories of being together , how tough it was for me to stand up . and you never gave up on me ,  you never let go , when i had problems ? who was there to pick me up, who was there to hold my hand ? You, You have truly touched me , Although path takes us into hardship admitting the fact that we have gone through so much hardship . But remember that i am still hear, all so near to you , all so close to your heart . Forever have you owned me , it feels so weird to think that im alone without you , feels so weird to know that you have darken your heart and soul without me in it. I want to be there , i want to help . I want to add that blink of a star to your heart . Making you one again . Making you the summer i know . Smilling not to shelter fear but smilling because you are happy with me, as you were happy holding my hands everyday or how you would just watch me sleep peacefully . How you would grab my hands , and make sure i get the comfort i deserve to sleep while knowing i have you touch, heart and soul beside me , I can never imagine myself living in a world so perfect built with perfection without you by my side . It would be an abomination to know that i would not have you in my life . Im doing this for you , im doing all of this to be the right man for you . Im studying , working pushing my body to the limit because im trying to prove to you that i was born on this earth to be with you , I was born on this beautiful ground we call earth to be bonded life and soul with you . I dont care what we did in the past no more , i dont care What you did or what i did that hurt each of us so much . Because living a day without you can only be cured by death so do part . I wish you could just see that the man i have become , the hardship i have taken is all for you . Brightening up your day as we walk along that beach side knowing that ill always have your heart . I remember once i long time ago, we were side and you were sitting by me crying and i shelter you with my warm hands , holding you tightly making the biggest promise i made , tho never leaving you , would i be the most clueless man to do so. The prematurity of me cause me to turn back my word, but all that taught me the lesson of life . Taught me of you . Please i would beg on my knee's . Love me , Take me , hold me . I need you . I want you , I love you . I love you . I love you .

          Your man .
          Syed Abdullah

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