Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Razack baught a new sexay bike !

This is Razacks old bike , for some reason i still prefer the old one , it looks alot better , and the front headlight is just amazingly sexy , But this razack is pretty much obsessed with speed , if im not mistaken he used this bike for say about 6months only till he changed to a new better bike , That once i sat at the back and he ram his bike on a small road , He was going 100km in less then 3-4seconds . I was gripping on his shoulder pissed at him , since then i knew i loved big bikes . The good thing about working with Malaysia Airlines is that they pay for their workers any bikes that they want ! as long as work for an amount of time ! Amazing rite ! I want to get myself a Ducati ! Wish me luck guys , cant wait to start working soon ! Oh the photo's below are razack's new bike ! enjoy.


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