Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Question And Answers .


                                                 Its currently 3.20 PM and im in class sitting beside razack , whats in my mind right now is all about working , Im so excited honestly ,  to think that im going to start working with my friends Razack , Nabil and myself at KLIA Airport starting this July is just an amazing opportunity . Im finally going to live my ambitions and dreams that ive worked so hard for , since its the SPM era today , may aswel tell you about mine education life . It is not something amazing to talk about really , but ill tell you anyways, so you know how hard my life was to reach my ambition today . My SPM was extremely bad , i failed a few subjects , i dont really remember the actual result of mine , but i remember i got 2 A's which was English and EST , i basically had no way at all to go to any university's ! it was that bad ! In fact it is practically impossible for me to go down the path of aviation the way i wanted too. But i never gave up on what i wanted, never let anyone put me down . So i had to take the long and hard path . I when into college , took my Sijil in electronics at Sik Kedah , god it was the worst 2 years of my life there , i was beaten up twice due to racism . Most people there hated that i was different , that i had piercings etc . But i made out and thats how i ended up in MIAT , although old at age . but i became more matured , more aware of my goal and target . Life is pretty much like that , there's the bumps along the way , and its up to us if we want to go over it or go under it like a coward . Its just abit sad though ,

                                  i was hopping to share my success and life with someone . Its sad and depressing to see that person happy with someone elese ? I should probably move on . She doesn't want me in her life anymore , i have to get used to that . A few minutes ago , i called her . Asked her if she would be willing to go on a holiday with me , like a honeymoon that i planned up really , I got a great offer to go to Tioman for 3 days and 2 nights , sadly it seems like she doesn't want to go , It would be nice though to go on a holiday with her , just me and her . I asked her , if she still loved me . Silence . that's what i got . IF your asking me why am i so into her , i have NO IDEA ! i guess its just love . It comes naturally . and it hit me straight in the face . I wonder what she is doing now with her bf ? I always remind myself of the things she would do so i can try and forget . Although it is tough .

   A friend of mine said to me :
If your heart tells you to wait for her, then wait till she come back to you
If you think that she's changed and can't be like before, forget her
She's right and i know that , Question is will she change ? Will she be the ara i know ? That is a question i always ask myself ..
Truly your's :
StupidRomeo/Syed Abdullah

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