Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tough 24 March 2011 / 3.55 AM

A day that i will never forget , Today i when out to meet Stupid Juliet .
When i called her , and she said she was stressed and wanted to go watch a movie with me , i Rushed my self up ! And immediately said yes ! Although i knew in a way i was pretty much in deep crap . Cause i have no car at the moment and my money was all on the trip i was planing to go back to Johor  this week , but it was worth it i said to myself , as i quickly grabbed every penny i had in my bank , rented this Drop Dead Proton Iswara which sounded like it was going to puke every time i pressed the break . Then quickly taking my bath , gave my self a quick work out , so she could probably see that im getting buffer . aha . Wore here favorite shirt  that she used to love when i wore while going out with her , Leather jacket and my supra shoe's " sadly she doesn't like supra shoe's . She say's most Mat Rempit uses them ? where does she get this information ? haha . So back to my story . Once i was ready, i rushed out gave her a message saying i was on my way . Once there , i called her waiting for her in front of her house anxiously . when i saw her coming down , wow was i amazed ! she was wearing this beautiful white tee, black skirt with the belt around her waist , She knew that , what she wore was my favorite attire on a women ! I couldn't take my eyes of her , a minute there i felt like a pervert , her face was so red like she had been playing in the sun the whole day , Its was cute actually , made her face look like she was blushing every moment of the day . So , we were in the car heading out to watch a movie when , she said she had to go to her friends house , didn't i know though it was her boyfriends house . Bummer i said , as i peeked at what she was doing , and she would message me i quote "Told you stop watching me" she didn't even let me look at her , it was really dark so either way i couldn't see a thing really , Jealous ? yes i was . Who wouldn't be ? But i kept in mind that i had to be strong , and knew there would be a bunch of challenges awaiting me this particular day . And there was . So after she stop by at her boyfriends house doing god knows what , she when in the car with a dull face . And i asked "is everything " ok,?" She replied "yes" and i replied by saying "No its not ok , do you want to talk about it?" and "No" she said , i didn't want to push her so i just kept quite . Hence after a few minutes later we reached One Utama Plaza , we were going to watch a movie tonight . I relised that everyone was staring at us , like The whole time , people could not take their eyes of us , it was weird really , me because i was just really tall , and her probably because she has tattoo's or the fact that she was just bag-in hot !  I was blushing and happy at the same time , We bought some food and when into the cinema , She was on her phone like the whole time though , so she didnt really seem to enjoy the movie that much , she was texing and texing and texing the whole time , I didnt want to stop her , cause i figured she would not like it so i just act as if i was ignoring the whole scene but actually i was trying to peak what she was texing at the same time , Ugh to dark couldn't see anything ! i braught my face closer to her and relised something , 

The smell ! she had the same smell since we meet the first time ! her breath smell axctly the same ! i gave reason saying if she was wearing perfume but truthfully i was just wondering if i smell right . It was her mouth , and it smelled perfect . I tried holding her hands and giving her my sweater but she rejected it . Sadly . so after the movie , if my sense are right after knowing her for so so long , i smell the hint that she was in period . As she also wanted to go to the toilet right after . "bummer" i said to myself . After the movie, we when into my shitty car and i was getting ready to send her home . Then this moment, turn out so wrong i almost cried when i was sitting in the car alone after this whole scene ended . In the car , she started getting angry , Saying i took her future, destroyed it . I felt so wrong , i knew what i did was wrong . But taking the blame was also hard for me, till she said "your 22 even if you made mistakes people will forget everything since your going to be someone soon , im 16 if i make mistake people will remember it and haunt me with it " right that moment i felt so bad , i felt like i took away apart of her , and left her hanging there . I tried to say sorry , and i tried to explain but she wouldn't let me . Again i just kept quite and allow her to talk and release her anger over me . close to her house we were getting too, Then she said i quote " Ill always hate you , ill never love you , ill always have my revenge on you , one day when i be someone , ill come back and i will have my revenge" that definitely took the edge over a good ending day . Hence she said thank you for spending her for the movie and walked out . Im not sure if its the period talking or if she really ment it . But she did say something to me that make me question myself , she said " If you love someone you should not wait, instead let her go and let her be happy with her life , move on she said " with a sad face , and my heart bursting in tears . i say to myself
Is this what she really wants of me ?

yours truly
Stupid Romeo / Syed Abdullah

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